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Packing & Dress

The wedding weekend will be very casual. Think: bonfires and swimming and kickball. For the day of the ceremony and reception, we ask that you spiff it up, but also ask that you fancy kitties remember we’re still at a summer camp with dirt paths and hills. Let’s call it "Camp Formal" AKA pass on the stilettos but bring the bow-ties. You get the idea.

Suggested Packing

Average temperatures in Hinsdale, MA in early September: 78° / 50°

  • Shower flip flops

  • Toiletries

  • Refillable water bottle

  • Bug spray and sunscreen

  • Rain jacket (just in case)

  • Warm layers for chilly nights and mornings

  • Active clothes to wear during camp activities

  • Fancier clothing for the ceremony & reception

  • Tennis shoes or hiking boots/shoes

  • Swim suit

  • Musical instrument if you want to jam w/ Leo

  • Tennis racket if you wanna tennis (other sports accouterments will be at camp)

  • Additional bedding like pillows + comforters if you want. Camp will provide basics, but sometimes we want more than basics.

  • Stationery and stamps to write home to your parents

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