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Camp FAQ

What's Camp Taconic like?


Camp Taconic is in the Berkshires. The camp has a lake (for swimming and kayaking and etc. water things), a high ropes course, archery, hiking trails, a rock wall, basketball courts, soccer fields…everything you can imagine at the summer camp of your dreams (except now there’re no cute counselors to crush on). We are planning oodles of funtivities and can't wait to spend the weekend with you in this incredible space!

What are the cabins like?


The cabins are summer camp style, with twin beds. Each cabin will sleep ~6 people, and are designed to bunk 10-14 youths. The cabins have shared bathrooms with showers, sinks, toilets, mirrors and cubbies. Bunks will be made up with sheets, a blanket, and pillow. Each guest will be provided with 2 towels, 2 handtowels, and 2 washcloths.

How are cabin arrangements made?


Once the RSVPs are in, Leo & Alana will assign guests to their cabins. Never fear! We know you all well and will make sure to put you with people you will love. Once the sleeping arrangements are finalized, we will follow up with your cabin assignment through email. Get ready for some cabin vs. cabin competitions! (Please consult Ayushi for any prank plans; she is the Prank Master and will approve/ deny ‘em.)

What about food?


Meals will be served in the Dining Hall every day at the scheduled time. Check the Camp Schedule for details. There will be vegetarian and Kosher and diabetes-friendly options!

Okay, but what about booze?


We got you! Beer & wine will be available all weekend and a full bar will be provided on the night of the wedding. The hard stuff is BYO the rest of the weekend.

Are kids allowed?


DUH! Everyone listed on your invitation is welcome to come. There will be kid-friendly activities like crafts, kickball, and movies! If you are bringing a kiddo, we’ll be sure to connect you with the other parents who are also bringing kiddos so you can plan and be happy.

What activities will there be?


Activities will include: rock climbing; playing on the ropes course; hiking on the many miles of trails accessible from camp; water things like swimming, canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding on the lake; yard games like ping-pong, badminton, corn hole; etc. There is also a tennis court, a basketball court, a baseball field and a soccer field. (Most sports equipment will be provided at camp, but bring your own tennis racket if you want to play tennis!)

What should I bring to make sure camp is A+?


Head over to the Packing + Dress page :)

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